MSc Cognitve Science, BA Sociology. 

His interests lie in building bridges between human experience and modern science through the development of methodologies which allow for the integration of technology in service to personal and collective knowledge. Cristóbal has lead various business ventures related to technology, such as ER, and is currently a founding partner of Vértice Lab, an innovation center for creative industries. His academic career has allowed him to participate in research projects related to the science of consciousness in Mexico, Germany, France, Chile and other countries, and has lead interdisciplinary and intercultural teams in global technological scientific innovation.


Research and data analysis

Biologist (UCH), PhD in Neuroscience (PUC), 6 years' experience in scientific research. Dedication: 100%

Gonzalo has extensive experience in applied research and data analysis and has received recognition in mathematics, biology, psychology and philosophy. This broad scope allows him to effectively perform interdisciplinary investigation at a high academic standard. He has been a part of ER since shortly after it was founded, thus he understands its inner workings, goals and mission.



IT Development

Commercial Engineer, master degree in marketing from Adolfo Ibañez University. Since I was little I have always been linked to computers and IT. I have developed different projects for companies related to business software, operations management, and quality management, among others. In Embodied Reports I am in charge of IT development. My objective is to improve the interaction between our devices and the users, creating an online platform that allows the mining and the visualization of the data. In my spare time I compose music and I am a film lover. My academic training in different disciplines has allowed me to have a broad perspective at the moment of managing projects.


Data analysis

I work doing research in computer sciences, my interests have to do with the biological bases of the cognitive processes, and the computer modeling, quantitative of those. My academic training included topics such as statistics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, and philosophy of science. At the moment, I am working in estimation problems bio inspired from parameters in data networks, using principles that model the way in which people think and make decisions. My objective in Embodied Reports is to integrate data in first and third person through the tools of statistic inference and statistic interpretation.


Graphic design

Graphic designer from Pontificia Universidad Católica, founder of the company NON (  In the society we live today graphic design plays an important role in people’s communication.  Especially in science, the communication of information has been a weakness, creating contents in a language that not many people understand. In ER we pretend to communicate the information in a way that is clear and understandable for every user. In this way, it pretends to expand the access to the information in order to generate more autonomy in a world that is becoming more complex to understand.